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b8f35a - letter to WAYE home office from staff on SESAC - 1-7-85.jpg
Box 8 Folder 35: "We are at 35, folder 35, are looking at January 7, 1985. This is a copy of a letter to Mr. Acker at Good News Broadcasting Company, parent company of WAYE, from Mickey Walker, apparently staff from WAYE. There was a SESAC request…

b8f32a - Chicago Radio Syndicate promotional - Oct 15, 1985.jpg
Box 8 Folder 32: "We now move to folder 32 which is a little flyer, cardboard flyer, coming out of Los Angeles, dated October of 1985 by the Chicago Radio Syndicate to WTWG, and it’s just a promotion seeing whether WTWG wants to air a particular…

b8f30a - WTWG envelope - 1984 copy.jpeg
Box 8 Folder 30: "This is a sheet, this is a list of programs that could have been on WAYE. It doesn’t really specify the name WAYE on here. Hal Lindsey. Now, Hal Lindsey was definitely involved with WAYE. These little scripts are written on a sheet…
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