Correspondence, Mickey Walker to Gary Acker


Correspondence, Mickey Walker to Gary Acker


Box 8 Folder 35: "We are at 35, folder 35, are looking at January 7, 1985. This is a copy of a letter to Mr. Acker at Good News Broadcasting Company, parent company of WAYE, from Mickey Walker, apparently staff from WAYE. There was a SESAC request for information, and Mr. Walker was sending Mr. Acker information on their broadcasting because SESAC does what ASCAP and BMI do...take care of copyrights and publishing rights and get people paid. SESAC has a great deal of gospel music that it broadcasts or that it holds publishing for. There’s also an article that apparently came out around WAYE around the same time, 1985. “WAYE Gets Religion. Now one of 8 Christian radio stations here,” a Birmingham News article. It mentions that on October 17, 1985, AM 1220's call letters and format changed from easy listening WTWG to WAYE, so that's a helpful piece of information. Interestingly. station manager Jim Harper mentions at the end of the article that the station is considering Black gospel programming on Sundays...flashback to the 1930's and 40's. From the Bessemer Rd location, found by Bob Friedman."


b8f35a - letter to WAYE home office from staff on SESAC - 1-7-85.jpg
b8f35b - Bham News - WAYE Gets Religion - 1985.jpg



“Correspondence, Mickey Walker to Gary Acker,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2024,

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