Promotional Flyer, Chicago Radio Syndicate


Promotional Flyer, Chicago Radio Syndicate


Box 8 Folder 32: "We now move to folder 32 which is a little flyer, cardboard flyer, coming out of Los Angeles, dated October of 1985 by the Chicago Radio Syndicate to WTWG, and it’s just a promotion seeing whether WTWG wants to air a particular show, in this case Dick Orkin’s “Chicken Man,” and it’s not clear whether WTWG ever did it. My guess is they did since they were a gospel station. Yeah. From the 1220 Bessemer Rd location, found by Bob Friedman."


b8f32a - Chicago Radio Syndicate promotional - Oct 15, 1985.jpg
b8f32b - CRS programming in f32 - 1985.jpg
b8f32c - other part of f32 - 1985.jpg



“Promotional Flyer, Chicago Radio Syndicate,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024,

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