Jimmy Lawson


Jimmy Lawson


Box 7 Folder 24: "Folder 24, also from ’78, a headshot of Jimmy Lawson who was, of course, at WJLD in the 60's and also at WENN radio after the walk-out, and at WJLD again, at the time this picture was taken.. First location WEUP, Huntsville. Too short an interview in the Oral History section, Jimmy is currently owner of three radio stations in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: WMXB, WWPG and WQZZ. Photo donated from photographer Lucious Washington."


b7f24a - Jimmy Lawson at WJLD - 1978.jpg



“Jimmy Lawson,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2024, https://www.thebbrm.org/item/444.

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Anita and Rosesetta your friends from Birmingham. Jimmy gives a call 

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