Paul "Tall Paul" White and WJLD Microphones

b7f25a - Paul White, Captain of the WJLD Microphones - 1979.jpg
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Paul "Tall Paul" White and WJLD Microphones


Box 7 Folder 25: "This is folder 25 which contains a black and white 8x10 and a color 4x6 of Paul Dudley White, otherwise known as Tall Paul, in his baseball uniform. He was Captain and a player with the "WJLD Microphones." He was NOT born with Dudley. Some say since that was the name of a famous doctor, it was given to him as a nick name. Donated from photographer Lucious Washington.

Also in Folder 25 is a picture of the WJLD Microphones, an original and a blow up, two 8x10. We can identify Mr. Bimbo. I can’t remember his first name. He was a plumber in town and he is on the far left, standing, and Tall Paul, Paul White is standing right in the middle on the rear row. Third from the right on the bottom row is now County Commissioner Sheila Tyson. We don’t know who anybody else is. If people view these we hope that they will be able to identify who these folks are. Donated by McNair Studios."



“Paul "Tall Paul" White and WJLD Microphones,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed November 30, 2023,

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