Rate Card, WZZK

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Rate Card, WZZK


Box 7 Folder 22: "We are now into folder 4 which is a description of the antennae current limits for WZZK’s FM (104.7) antennae and it also lists the cost for spots. For 10 second spots, 4 dollars. For 30 second spots, 6 dollars. For 60 second spots, 8 dollars. Nowadays, rates would be more expensive. And that gives you an idea…. Again, this would be in the mid 70's. Ron talks about this period. He shared that on the FM, Johnston changed WJLN's call letters to WZZK around 1973. Ron shared that both WJLD and WZZK were automated. He shared that Johnston hired Duke Rumore from WSGN and Country Boy Eddie, who became well known for his morning TV show, to broadcast on ZZK. Duke left (or died) and Patty and the Doc arrived. January shared that Dave Davis managed both the AM and FM, but wanted to buy WZZK from Johnston but Johnston would not sell. After WZZK was sold, Davis quit and died shortly after, supposedly committing suicide. Early on, the AM staff wanted to take WJLD FM, but at the time, FM was not popular. Artifact from the WJLD files."



“Rate Card, WZZK,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed November 30, 2023, https://www.thebbrm.org/item/442.

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