Clipping, Birmingham News Radio Log


Clipping, Birmingham News Radio Log


Box 3 Folder 39: "This is a Birmingham News radio log from April 11, 1957. It lists 11 radio stations and 2 television stations. 6 and 13 were the TV stations. JLD had McKinstry. This is back in ‘57. Their radio logs had the previous evening's programming - in this case Thursday the 11th - and then a more complete log for the next day's programming, which would become Friday, the 12th. . (I believe the News was an evening paper at this time). Truman Puckett. Lora Gary was there. Truman Puckett again. Willie McKinstry. Like I said they’d come on morning and evening - split shifts. Lora Gary. Jiving with Jessie; Rhythm and Blue. That would have been Jessie Champion probably. WBCO, this is Thursday evening Friday day, mind you. Sunrose Rutledge was on, Bruce Payne was on. Got Erskine Faush with the Gospel Cavalcade just on numerous times. Sugar Daddy (Andrew Dawkins) was still there at WBCO. He would migrate eventually to WEUP, Huntsville. Erskine Fausch again comes back. We look at WEDR, the Shelley Stewart show. Till signoff, which was from 5:00 in the evening, and I guess they signed off at 6:15. So he had an evening show from 5 to 6:15, but also in the morning he had a show from 6 in the morning until 8:00. So he was very popular. Reverend Spencer. Shelly Stewart comes on again at 10 and goes till 11:30 where Walter Anglin comes on. And then we see Tiger Thompson on WEDR as well. Slowly but surely by ‘57 we’re going to see the end of radio logs and the beginning of TV logs. Donated by Shelley Stewart around the time of his BBRM interview and very appreciated."


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“Clipping, Birmingham News Radio Log,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024,

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