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b3f46a - KKK on WEDR building - May 29, 1958.jpg
Box 3 Folder 46: "Now we move to folder 46 which are a series of clippings. These are clippings. This is one clipping that is where WEDR, where Shelley Stewart was at, “KKK” was written on WEDR. $5000 worth of vandalism. Ed Estes operated the station…

b3f42a - Tiger Thompson for AL Lt  Gov - Feb 28, 1958  Traverse City Record Eagle.jpg
Box 3 Folder 42: "A clipping from the Traverse City Eagle in Michigan (been there) announcing Perry "Tiger" Thompson's running in the Democratic Primary in 1958 for Lieutenant Governor."

b3f40a - Esau Thompson at WEDR - Ebony Sept 1957.jpg
Box 3 Folder 40: "Now we are at ‘57 and this is folder 40 and it is a picture of Esau Thompson, Perry "Tiger" Thompson’s son. “He works at an all Negro station, WEDR making 10 dollars a week.” "Isn’t that fabulous? “And his mom gives him a dollar a…

b3f39a - Bham News radio and TV log - April 11, 1957.jpg
Box 3 Folder 39: "This is a Birmingham News radio log from April 11, 1957. It lists 11 radio stations and 2 television stations. 6 and 13 were the TV stations. JLD had McKinstry. This is back in ‘57. Their radio logs had the previous evening's…

b3f8a - Sterling Jubilees (CIO Singers) and Tiger Thompson.jpg
Box 3 Folder 8: "Moving along to folder 8, these are pictures of the Sterling Jubilee Singers of Bessemer, Alabama, with Tiger Thompson shown in the center with bow tie. That picture came from Doug Seroff’s booklet "Birmingham Quartet Scrapbook" from…

b3f6a - Perry Tiger Thompson at the WJLD mic - 1954.jpg
Box 3 Folder 6: "Moving right along to number 6, folder 6 is a picture of Perry "Tiger" Thompson at the WJLD mike we figure from 1954. Apparently Ben Franklin let me know that he would play “Hold that Tiger” (sings). Some kind of football piece.…

1960-Shelley Stewart-WENN.jpg
Shelley Stewart, pioneer Birmingham disc jockey and announcer, reflects on his career in Birmingham radio beginning with WBCO and WEDR in 1952, then WENN, then WJLD, then WENN, then part owner of WATV. Retired from radio in 1999.
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