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b6f34a - KOKA flyer for Sonrose Rutledge - 1973.jpg
Box 6 Folder 34: "This is folder 34 entitled… inside is a flyer called the Inside Track by Eve Adams, and what it appears is this is a two sided flyer put out by Jewel Records, the label, Jewel Records, from reading it over, which focuses on various…

b4f3a - Sonrose Rutledge at WEUP Huntsville - 1960.jpg
Box 4 Folder 3: "Box 4 folder 3 is a picture of Son Rose Rutledge, and this picture would have been taken at WEUP in Huntsville around 1960. He was known as Son Rose Rutledge; he was known as Gay Poppa too. Son Rose Rutledge up in WEUP playing the…

b3f39a - Bham News radio and TV log - April 11, 1957.jpg
Box 3 Folder 39: "This is a Birmingham News radio log from April 11, 1957. It lists 11 radio stations and 2 television stations. 6 and 13 were the TV stations. JLD had McKinstry. This is back in ‘57. Their radio logs had the previous evening's…

b3f33a - Sonrose Rutledge at WBCO - 1956.jpg
Box 3 Folder 33: "Moving along to folder 33 is a picture of Sunrose Rutledge at WBCO, holding a 45. Again from 1956. And hopping good times. Not exactly sure. Might have gotten that from Sunrose himself. Nope, got it from Sonrose after our phione…

1960-Shelley Stewart-WENN.jpg
Shelley Stewart, pioneer Birmingham disc jockey and announcer, reflects on his career in Birmingham radio beginning with WBCO and WEDR in 1952, then WENN, then WJLD, then WENN, then part owner of WATV. Retired from radio in 1999.

1956-SonRose Rutledge - WBCO -  .jpg
Sonrose Rutledge (b. Oct 15, 1937), Alabama broadcaster starting his career at WBCO, then WENN, WEDR and ending it at WEUP Huntsville. He then pursued a radio career in Louisiana.
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