Clippings, Radio Logs

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Clippings, Radio Logs


Box 3 Folder 2: "Here we go into April of ’54. Again this is folder number 2 of box 3. We have again EDR still misidentified in terms of the frequency. JLD and BCO. WJLD’s April 11th log has spiritual music with Floyd King. And Floyd King is BJ Love King’s uncle I believe. The Willing Workers. WJ Allen is at WJLD. He is strictly a gospel jock. So that’s a Sunday. Lots of religious music on WBCO as well. The Harmonettes is listed on WBCO. WJLD was still playing Eddie Fischer, Guy Lombardo, Dennis Day... The Four Knights are listed; their music at WJLD. They were obviously still doing black and white programming at this point. Roberta Roland is doing spiritual music and she is somebody that we don’t know very much about except that we think that Edward Chevrolet donated a Chevy for her because she was picking up poor people and taking them shopping or something to that effect. (Since the time of the first post edit, we finally located an obituary and picture for Ms. Roland which will appear in 1955. Don Solomon also talks about her as a gospel promoter in the 1940's). WEDR on Sunday, the famous Kings of Harmony, the Gospel Five, the Gospel Aires. WJ Allen is on WEDR and WJLD at the same time, or at least he’s listed as such on April 11th. April 1st would be April Fool’s day but it would not be a Sunday and WEDR lists Eddie Castleberry and it looks like Bruce Payne, Elder Moore whoever that is. Mr. Puckett is still on JLD with Duke Rumore and Willie McKinstrey. King Porter is on WBCO. Gospel Cavalcade is also on WBCO; I guess they played gospel music in the morning. So anyway, so far it looks like the bigger names around this time are at WJLD with Duke Rumore and Willie McKinstrey and they were written up in the Birmingham News as these exceptional disc jockeys. They won the disc jockey award, some kind of award, from 1954."



“Clippings, Radio Logs,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed November 30, 2023,

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