Clippings, Radio Logs


Clippings, Radio Logs


Box 3 Folder 3: "Okay we’re going to folder number 3. Folder number 3 from October of ‘54. Again Birmingham News radio logs from September 30th thru October 3rd of 1954. WEDR has the Walter Anglin show, and now they’ve changed the frequency correctly to 1220. The Walter Anglin show on. Junior Daniels on WEDR; that was probably Wiley Daniels Walter Anglin on again. Wiley Daniels on, so maybe that was his son. The Mary Francis show. This is where I contend is the timeslot that Shelley Stewart took over eventually, but he is not on the air as of October of 1954. Going over to WJLD 1400: the King Porter Show - King has switched to WJLD from WBCO this year, Willie McKinstry on, Truman Puckett on. It’s still a mix of black and country. Mel Allen doing football play by play. The Atomic Boogie Hour on, we’re not sure who was doing it at this time at WJLD. Game of the week, that’s Ohio State vs. California with Mel Allen. Mel Allen was the voice of the New York Yankees for many many years; I grew up with him. 1450 WBCO, this is again October 1st, still looks like a lot of swing, a lot of rock and roll, rhythm and blues, Erskine Fausch still on the air. And that’s what we see. No major change. I have three successive days here, but I don’t see... there’s still the same people on on EDR. The Ensley Jubilee singers are on EDR; William Pope is on EDR. This is already a Sunday; it’s pretty clear. WJ Allen. JLD Willing Workers, Listen to Labor with Willie McKinstry. That must have been an interesting show and Roberta Roland still on on JLD. BCO has various churches, the Harmonettes are singing and so forth. This looks like it was a Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Cause Reveille with Eddie Castleberry is not on. (vocalizes) I can only imagine he had a morning show and played Reveille."


b3f3a - BN radio log Sep 30 - Oct 3, 1954.jpg
b3f3b - Bham New radio log Oct 1-2, 1954.jpg
b3f3c - Bham News radio log Sunday Oct 3, 1954.jpg



“Clippings, Radio Logs,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2024,

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