Clippings, Birmingham News Radio Logs


Clippings, Birmingham News Radio Logs


Box 3 Folder 1: "Ok, we’re in box number 3. Birmingham News radio logs. This is folder number 1 from February of 1954. Tues/Wed, February 23/24th and Sat/Sun, February 2728th. We’re interested, of course, in looking at WEDR, WJLD, and WBCO, the three contending stations for the black listener. Although apparently I left off SGN, but SGN was broadcasting black programming, as we know. As was VOK. But we’re looking at those that were more black-oriented during the week and during the full clock. So WEDR, which is misrepresented as 1260; it was 1220. WCRT was 1260 at one time, and they swapped them out. They made a mistake. On WEDR on February 23rd there’s a lot; I guess, they're a day timer. They’re silent after 5 PM. Eddie Castleberry is mentioned on EDR pretty much and Elder Moore was probably…. Oh I can’t think of his full name, but we have pictures of him I believe at EDR. WJLD had Duke Rumore, had Roy Wood doing commentary, Willie McKinstry. The Atomic Boogie Hour was on but we don’t know who was doing it. It might have been Duke Rumore because his name appears right at the bottom of it. Hardrock Gunter's Record Roundup is mentioned. He was pretty much country but had a big hit with "Birmingham Bounce." None of his bio's list him at WJLD so maybe this was pre-recorded on transcription discs. Or maybe he was at WJLD briefly. WBCO's familiar line-up included Sugar Daddy Dawkins, Gar Grace, King Porter and Erskine Faush.

Sunday, the 28th, a lot of religious programming. Gospel Cavalcade is on with Erskine Faush. I noticed "Juke the Duke" on Sunday, "Music for Mom." Wonder what that was like.. We have a picture of him somewhere. So now I'm thinking he was a weekend man. A lot of familiar names closing out WJLD February 27th Saturday evening. Seems like they turned gospel early. Doesn't appear yet that WJLD is matching Black programming the way WEDR and WBCO are."


b3f1a - Bham News radio log  Feb 23-24, 1954.jpg
b3f1b - Bham News Radio log Feb 27-28, 1954.jpg



“Clippings, Birmingham News Radio Logs,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 24, 2024,

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