Clippings, Radio Logs


Clippings, Radio Logs


Box 2 Folder 56: "Alright, moving on to folder 56. 56 contains some radio logs. Trying to determine if they are all the same. They are not. The three radio logs are from April 1st of 1953, April 4th of ‘53, and April 5th of ’53, and they describe the radio stations that were on at the time. They don’t contain all of them. There wasn’t enough room for SGN and API but they do contain WEDR, WJLD, and WBCO which were the three black oriented stations. They also indicate that WJLD had a 104.7 megacycle FM station, JLN. And you can see who was on back in 1953 on all three radio stations. Some of the listings do not include the name of the disc jockey and some do. So for research purposes, might be interesting. Ok."


b2f56a - Radio log - 4-1-1953.jpg
b2f56b - Radio Log  -  4-4-1953.jpg
b2f56c - Radio log  4-5-1953.jpg



“Clippings, Radio Logs,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2024,

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