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b4f11a - WATV 900 locates antenna  top of Jefferson Hotel - 1961.jpg
Box 4 Folder 11: "From the Birmingham Library Archives, the WATV 900 AM broadcast tower, located on the dirigible mooring on the roof of the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, located at 2nd Avenue North and 17th Street. The frequency 900 AM was previously…

b1f49a - Post Herald radio log Pt 1  9-10-1949.jpg
Box 1 Folder 49: "This is box number 1, folder 49, which is various radio logs from 1949, which now include WVOK, WKAX, and WEDR. It may be the first time that WEDR gets notated in the radio logs. This from September 19, 1949 with WEDR going on the…
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