Clipping, Radio Logs


b1f49a - Post Herald radio log Pt 1  9-10-1949.jpg
b1f49b - Post Herald radio log pt 2, 7a - Mid   9-10-1949.jpg
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Clipping, Radio Logs


Box 1 Folder 49: "This is box number 1, folder 49, which is various radio logs from 1949, which now include WVOK, WKAX, and WEDR. It may be the first time that WEDR gets notated in the radio logs. This from September 19, 1949 with WEDR going on the air for the first time…so it was just on for a very very brief moment for its first day.
(LWR: Are you sure that’s its first day?)
I believe so. I think we have a description of that. It should be in here, it’s on that orange piece…September 4, 1949 and this is
(LWR: You should put that next to each other)
September 10 of 1949, so they were already on the air on EDR. Okay. Still a great deal of, they were a day-timer obviously, and they had to sign off on Sunday. Looks like KAX, and it’s hard to imagine VOK being a day-timer. They might have applied for an extension, in terms of when they could be on the air. They had to at some point in time. But it’s interesting that VOK in 1949 definitely had black programming, regardless of their reputation, which is…
(LWR: What was their reputation?)
Well the reputation that flows from some people’s mouths is that VOK stood for Voice of the Klan. Is it true? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. One of these logs from 1949, its amazing I don’t have the year on it, I mean I don’t have the day and the month, but it has the Atomic Boogie Hour (or Bob's Record Rack) on, Bob Umbach on, maybe 4 or 5 times during the broadcast day. Okay. Let's list sunday's Black gospel performers: On WJLD - Brighton Jubilees, Ensley Jubilees, Willie McKinstry, Morning Doves, Roberta Roland, William Pope, Kellyu Singers, W.J. Allen, William Blevins Singers, Deacon Richmond Davis; on WEDR: Heavenly Four, Poole Singers, Jubilee Singers (sign off at 12:30P); on WKAX: Four Morning Stars, Sterling Jubilees, Bessemer Big Four, Rev. Jasper Roby; on WVOK: the 7A hour shows the Heavenly Gospel Singers. Could that also be Don Solomon's group and could they air from 7-7:30A at WVOK and then run over to broadcast on WEDR from 7:30-8:00A? (see b1f51a) A second log dated 1949 shows the six Birmingham stations. "



“Clipping, Radio Logs,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 29, 2023,

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