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b6f27a - Cover of Sphinx, and Roy Wood - 1973.jpg
Box 6 Folder 27: "Ok we’re on to folder 27, which is a statement from Brother Eugene Jackson, who is a president of the National Black Radio Network which is the beginning of stations from around the country that are black owned or who want to…

b3f37a - Eddie Castleberry at WMBM Miami - 1956.jpg
Box 3 Folder 37: "We’re now up to folder 37 which is a picture of Eddie Castleberry back in 1956 at WMBM in Miami with his 45s. He's left Birmingham and he's not coming back. When I talked to Eddie, he mentioned that he liked to play the Clovers, and…

b2f13a - Roy Wood - in the 1950's.jpg
Box 2 Folder 13: "Moving to folder 13 is a picture from 1950 of Roy Wood Sr. who, this was from July 1950 we approximate, which may have been from his confirmation. Donated by Roy to me. That would have placed him down here. No that would have placed…

Roy Wood head shot #1.jpg
Roy Wood, interviewed by Gary Richardson on his Morning Show in studio at WJLD. Roy began his radio career in the late 1940’s and became a founder of the National Black Network (now Sheridan Broadcasting) in 1973.

Roy Wood (b. Sep 8, 1915, d.Oct 9, 1995), Radio Announcer 1947 – 1994. Pioneer in Black radio, founder National Black Network, Master of Arts in Communications from Columbia University. Roy shares in great detail his own development in the field of…
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