Roy Wood Sr.


Roy Wood Sr.


Box 2 Folder 13: "Moving to folder 13 is a picture from 1950 of Roy Wood Sr. who, this was from July 1950 we approximate, which may have been from his confirmation. Donated by Roy to me. That would have placed him down here. No that would have placed him probably in Indiana perhaps, where he started. He came down to work for 11 months at WJLD 1400 - taking Bob Umbach's place as DJ for the "Atomic Boogie Hour" after Bob left for WMBM Miami in 1953 - but we wanted a picture of him in his youth. Of course Roy began his career in 1946 and was a founder of the National Black Network, had a very brief stint here, went back up to WVON in Chicago and then eventually came back down and worked at the A.G. Gaston stations WAGG and WENN. He was a newscaster with a fabulous voice and a wonderful man, somebody who was educated at Columbia University in the School of Journalism."


b2f13a - Roy Wood - in the 1950's.jpg



“Roy Wood Sr.,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 24, 2024,

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