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b8f40b - Manuel Fitch with Roy Wood at WAGG - Dec 1987.jpg
Box 8 Folder 40: "Folder 40 contains two envelopes donated by Manuel Fitch, one containing his W-2 from 1986 from WYDE 850AM and the other containing W-2s from 1985 thru 1988 from WAGG 1320AM. Also in this folder, a color picture of Manuel Fitch…

b8f30a - WTWG envelope - 1984 copy.jpeg
Box 8 Folder 30: "This is a sheet, this is a list of programs that could have been on WAYE. It doesn’t really specify the name WAYE on here. Hal Lindsey. Now, Hal Lindsey was definitely involved with WAYE. These little scripts are written on a sheet…

b8f5a - WENN 107.7 logo - 1980.jpg
Box 8 Folder 5: "Ok, we’re at folder 5 which contains a number of WENN photos from Manuel Fitch's scrapbook. In many cases, we've enlarged the copies. In order they are as follows:
a. WENN poster with the slogan "JAMMIN’”
b. a color photo of WENN…

b7f15a - Manuel Fitch at the WBUL board - 1978.jpg
Box 7 Folder 15: "Folder 15 holds several photos of WBUL staff.
a. We see Manuel Fitch at the WBUL board.
b. Also a group pix (l-r) Gerald Floyd, on the air as Roscoe Floyd; Internationally known recording artist Joe Simon (go check his…

b7f8a - Manuel Fitch at WJLD automation system - 1975.jpg
Box 7 Folder 8: "Here we have a photo of Manuel Fitch early on at his first station of employment, WJLD. Here he is setting up the overnight automation system at the building on Spaulding Ishkooda Road, around 1975."

b7f4a - WBUL offices - a gathering - 1975.jpg
Box 7 Folder 4: "Folder 4: A gathering of various media folk. Not sure where held. Manuel Fitch, WJLD Gospel announcer worked at WJLD and WBUL in the 1970's and had this and many other pictures from that period. He says these Folder 4 pictures were…

Fitch at tape automation, WBUL0001.jpg
Manuel Fitch, long time gospel announcer currently on WJLD Radio AM 1400 and 94.1 FM, on Saturday mornings from 6-8AM. Manuel began working in Birmingham radio in the 1970’s and shared his recollections and stories from his scrapbook pictures. His…
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