WBUL Studios


WBUL Studios


Box 7 Folder 4: "Folder 4: A gathering of various media folk. Not sure where held. Manuel Fitch, WJLD Gospel announcer worked at WJLD and WBUL in the 1970's and had this and many other pictures from that period. He says these Folder 4 pictures were taken at the WBUL studios which would have been in the now-gone Five Points West shopping center which housed the studio as well as Parisians Department Store and other businesses. It used to sit between the fast food mall on Bessemer Super Hwy and the current Five Points West Library. Seated behind the desk is the famous radio engineer Jimmy Jones. We don't know the woman who appears in both pictures. Manuel seemed to think she was a receptionist. To her left in the Jimmy Jones photo is Harold Bogarty (identified by Ron January), who was brought into the new WENN by Bob Shivers and Larry Hayes and who eventually left with them to New Jersey. The man to the far right, Manuel thought, was a WBUL salesman.

The second picture in Folder 4 , also from the WBUL studios, shows Deacon Willie McKinstry from WJLD, again the unknown female employee (we guess) Jesse Lewis, Sr, Publisher of the Birmingham Times, famous local gospel singer Cleo Kennedy, and Clint Harris, who wore several hats over time: an account executive with WBUL and Malaco Records out of Mississippi, and owner of a recording studio in Brighton. Ron January said Clint encouraged him to cut a demo tape which would help Ron get an on-air position. The style conscious of the mid 70's - leisure suits were big."


b7f4a - WBUL offices - a gathering - 1975.jpg
b7f4b - WBUL studios - a gathering #2 - 1975.jpg



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