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Trumon and Rod.jpg
Trumon Puckett (b. Aug 2, 1917 - d. Jan 30, 1967) - one of Birmingham radio's most famous names. Trumon Puckett was well know in gospel radio circles in both the Black and white communities with his "Gospel Ship" program on WJLD 1400. Beginning his…

b4f22a - Deacon Richmond David church fan - 1963.jpg
Box 4 Folder 22: "We’re now at folder 22, a church fan that features Deacon Richmond Davis on the front and also advertises the fact that WJLD and WENN were simulcasting religious programs on Sunday from 9 to 10 AM and then, at WJLD from 8 to 9 PM,…

1943 - WSGN WA Clark (L) w group and Deacon Davis (R).jpg
Ms Ophelia Davis George (b. Nov 9, 1929, d. Mar 25, 2015), daughter of gospel broadcaster Deacon Richmond Davis (b. abt 1904, d. abt 1967). Davis began his gospel broadcasting in Birmingham in 1939 on WBRC, forerunner of WERC (960 AM), and was…

W. A. Clark, Taft Epstein, and Deacon Richmond Davis
Taft Epstein (b. June 1, 1912, d. Nov 17, 1979), remembered by his brother, Alex Epstein (b. Jan 22, 2015, Apr 23, 2012). Taft was a clothing store owner and sponsor for Black gospel radio programming and other events.
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