Reflections on Trumon Puckett from his son, Rod Puckett


Reflections on Trumon Puckett from his son, Rod Puckett


Trumon Puckett (b. Aug 2, 1917 - d. Jan 30, 1967) - one of Birmingham radio's most famous names. Trumon Puckett was well know in gospel radio circles in both the Black and white communities with his "Gospel Ship" program on WJLD 1400. Beginning his career at WJ:LD in 1944, his on air shift covered some 23 years. He was a ham radio operator and a record promoter, recording one of Birmingham's most famous gospel groups, the Ensley Jubilees. Here, his son Rod Puckett, shares his childhood memories of his father. The 3 minutes clip from 1966 includes Trumon Puckett, Deacon Richmond Davis and the beginning of a sermon by C.L. Franklin. At the close, Trumon introduces "J.J. the Dee Jay." That would have been Ed "Johnny Jive" McClure.


Rod Puckett
Bob Friedman


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


June 25, 2017


Caleb Hendrix
Emily Bibb






Bob Friedman


Rod Puckett


Transcript of Audio Snippet:

Bob Friedman: You remember going to, to these various station locations with your dad.

Rob Puckett: Yeah. Earlier on the Bessemer Superhighway, I was just a kid, but then, on top of the mountain, I would go and, Johnny Jive—Johnny McClure in particular was, you know, very friendly to me. My daddy was recording a show, and I would go into Johnny’s studio. He’d let me look through the cabinet of his old records, you know, ‘cause I was real into rhythm and blues the time when I was at the studio and the big turn tables and play Johnny McClure’s records.
BF: As long as you weren’t on the air you could use their…
RP: Yeah.
BF: What location of the station was that?
RP: This was the one on top of the mountain.

[audio from Trumon Puckett radio program follows]


Full Interview: 32 minutes
Audio Snippet: 3 minutes


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Pucket 3 min.mp3
Rod Puckett.pdf


Rod Puckett and Bob Friedman, “Reflections on Trumon Puckett from his son, Rod Puckett,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024,

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