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b7f29a - Shelly Pope's new T-Bird with Dave Davis - 1978.jpg
Box 7 Folder 29: "Alright we’re up to folder 29. And folder 29 has a picture of Shelley Pope being given the keys to a Thunderbird. Dave Davis, the manager at JLD, is in one picture. And the other picture, it looks like we’re identifying the other…

b7f16a - Leo Taylor from WJLD - 1978.jpg
Box 7 Folder 16: "We’re at folder 16 which is a headshot from 1978 of Leo Taylor who was at WJLD, WBUL and at WENN radio. Ron January shared the following: He (Taylor) was originally hired to take over "Sound Off" (a Saturday morning talk show) in…

b5f8a - Dave Davis, GM at WJLD - 1967.jpg
Box 5 Folder 8: "Folder 8 is a picture of Dave Davis, the general manager of WJLD, and we’re saying 1967, which means that Otis Dodge was no longer the general manager. And now I’m questioning whether Otis Dodge was the sales manager or not. Again…
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