Leo Taylor

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Leo Taylor


Box 7 Folder 16: "We’re at folder 16 which is a headshot from 1978 of Leo Taylor who was at WJLD, WBUL and at WENN radio. Ron January shared the following: He (Taylor) was originally hired to take over "Sound Off" (a Saturday morning talk show) in 1977 from Ron January at WJLD, and Dave Davis, station manager, had Ron January fire Taylor, and I guess that’s when he moved to WBUL. Taylor, January says, did not prepare for an interview with Mark Lane who had written a book on the Jonestown Massacre. Dave Davis, told Ron to fire him and when Ron resisted, Davis threatened to fire Ron. Taylor was fired and January took back "Sound Off" - on Saturday mornings from 6-8 AM. As of the date of this post edit, Taylor is work Sunday mornings at WAGG 610 AM. Donated from photographer Lucious Washington."



“Leo Taylor,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed November 30, 2023, https://www.thebbrm.org/item/436.

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