Memo, J. D. Ferguson Advertising to WZZK Radio


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Memo, J. D. Ferguson Advertising to WZZK Radio


Box 8 Folder 1: "We’re looking at Box 8, folder 1. Inside here is just some correspondence referring to a golf tournament, and ZZK radio is being notified back in 1980. And at this time ZZK was the partner station, a sister station, or the station owned by the Johnston Broadcasting Corporation that owned WJLD back in 1980, WZZK 104.7 was operated out of the same building that currently houses WJLD at 1449 Spaulding Ishkooda Road. So for that reason although ZZK… and ZZK back then played black and white music... Jimmy Hendrix and kind of underground acid rock stuff too as well. And that’s why it’s in the file. From the WJLD files."



“Memo, J. D. Ferguson Advertising to WZZK Radio,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 31, 2023,

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