WJLD Continuity


WJLD Continuity


Box 7 Folder 45: "Ok, folder 45 is a whole batch of WJLD continuity from the 1975 through 1979. What's neat about continuity is that it establishes personnel and date of employ relationships as well as those who bring in the concerts.
So for the year 1975: we see mention of Ron Allen (we've never heard that name before); 1976: we see James Freeman; we see the name Connolly, but it's unclear as to whether that's James or his wife Erin; we see Coleman...is that Bill Coleman (not sure); Ron January
1978: Gary Richardson, Ron January, Paul White, Shelly Pope, Weldon Clark
1979: Gary Richardson"



“WJLD Continuity,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed October 3, 2023, https://www.thebbrm.org/item/465.

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