Golden Hummingbirds with Ennis Bragg


Golden Hummingbirds with Ennis Bragg


Box 7 Folder 30: "We move now to folder 30. 30 is also from ‘79. It’s a promotional picture for the Golden Hummingbirds with Ennis Bragg and… and that, Ennis did an on-air shift back in the 1960s at WJLD when we were on 1st Avenue, and the Golden Hummingbirds, he reported to us, were on 8:30 in the evening Saturday nights with Willie McKinstry in the late ‘50s. Here with one of his singers - I believe George Spivey - from the Golden Hummingbirds, this picture from 1979. Ennis is still with WJLD, doing an air shift Sundays from 2-6 PM followed by his Golden Hummingbird's 30 minute show until 6:30. Ok. Donated by Ennis Bragg."


b7f30a - Ennis Bragg with George Spivey - 1979 001.jpg



“Golden Hummingbirds with Ennis Bragg,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024,

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