Clipping, "Station WYAM Unfair"


Clipping, "Station WYAM Unfair"


Box 4 Folder 8: "Folder number 8 is a newspaper article probably from the Birmingham Post Herald from September 6, 1960 announcing that the radio engineers local union 253 IBEW is going out on strike against WYAM in Bessemer, which would have been probably 1450 at the time. YAM was short lived; it existed in between WBCO and…whatever station followed WYAM. I’m trying to remember what it was, but um…WSMQ. WSMQ. They were asking folks not to shop WYAM. Ben Franklin was President of the local at that time."


b4f8a - A call to boycott WYAM by the IBEW - 1960.jpg



“Clipping, "Station WYAM Unfair",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 13, 2024,

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