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b7f26a - Jesse Champion during his WERC days - 1`979.jpg
Box 7 Folder 26: "And we move ahead to folder 26. Folder 26, also projecting from 1979, WERC pays tribute to Jesse Champion who, of course, started his career at WJLD in 1954. It’s not a headshot, just a nice shot of Jesse Champion Sr. Donated by…

b7f19a - AP Broadcasters Assn award to Jesse Champion.jpg
Box 7 Folder 19: "Folder 19 is a copy of the Birmingham Times (May 18-20, 1978) which features an article commending Jesse Champion receiving an Alabama Associated Press Broadcasters award. He had been a newsman with WERC at this point for 8 years.…

b5f25a - Carl Daniels - circa 1965-68.jpg
Box 5 Folder 25: "Folder 25 is a color picture of Carl Daniels. In December, 2012, I spoke with him and he relayed his history as follows: He worked at WJLD in 1965 while in high school. (Could have been a WJLD Newshawk); He left in 1967 for WENN;…

Billy Evans.jpg
Billy Cliff Evans (b. Dec 12, 1924, d. Apr 5, 2004), announcer at WJLD in the mid 1940’s. Billy shares recollections of early broadcasting from Bessemer radio stations. Became treasurer of the Bessemer History Center.

1963 Jesse Champion head.jpg
Jesse Champion (b. Aug 27, 1927, d.Nov 2, 2007), announcer WJLD/WERC – 1954-63/1970-90 Jesse Champion relates his history at WJLD 1400, and an incident that involved him during the Civil Rights upheaval of 1963. Jesse was well known in Birmingham,…
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