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(l-r) Jackie Taylor holding a,Gwen Sanders Gamble, Gwen's sister Deborah Sanders Smith, and Tuskegee SNCC activist and educator Dr. Joan Burroughs.jpg
Gwendolyn Sanders Gamble (b. Nov. 17, 1947) and her two sisters Dot and Deborah, were Ullman High School students and active in the 1963 campaign. Gwen was 14 and a recruiter which means she would work inside the school letting other students know…

b3f15a - Bham News - Dr. Trenholm at Ullman - Jan 16, 1955.jpg
Box 3 Folder 15: "We are now on folder 15. This is an article entitled “What Negroes are Doing: Dr. Trenholm, President of Alabama State College for Negroes in Montgomery, Alabama is the commencement speaker at Ullman High School in Birmingham…
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