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b7f40a - WENN's number 1 staff - 1979.jpg
Box 7 Folder 40: "Folder 40 is a picture of part of the WENN radio staff. We have Dale Forster, Theo Bailey, and Michael Starr in the background. We have Ro Bonner, Tony Brown, Tyrone Robinson, and a lady. This was the first year that WENN 107.7 won…

b7f39a - Tony Brown at WBUL - 1979.jpg
Box 7 Folder 39: "Next is folder 39. Folder 39 is a picture of Tony Brown, who left WBUL radio around the late 1970's and went to WENN radio. Tony Brown. Headshot. Ron says, the Tony Brown he remembered left Birmingham for Mobile and then Atlanta.…
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