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b5f39a - PSA announcing major changes to WJLN - July 17, 1969.jpg
Box 5 Folder 39: "This is folder 39 from 1969 which has within it various applications to the FCC to make changes to the tower and to increase power from 23kw to 100kw for WJLN 104.7. It includes the direct application, also notices that needs to be…

b5f23a - WJLN application to increase power - Sept 1968.jpg
Box 5 Folder 23: "Folder 23 from 1968 is an application to the FCC from Johnston Broadcasting to increase WJLN power from 25k to 100k. Here's the essence of it from the abstract: The Present Antenna is mounted on the WJLD (AM) tower, as is the…

b5f21a - Letter from George Johnston III  - July 3, 1968.jpg
Box 5 Folder 21: "We’re up to folder 21 which is also a letter from George Johnston III to Mr. Palmer Greer, who apparently is an engineer because they are now planning in 1968 to move the tower…. Yeah, that was enclosed in the square…. Yeah, it was…
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