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b8f36a - Arbitron Sping 1986 12+ WJLD ratings.jpg
Box 8 Folder 36: "Ok. We’re moving on to folder 36. 36 is a handwritten ratings list from the spring Arbitron of 1986, 12+, and this is a WJLD breakdown. And at this point in time Eric White is now doing the morning drive, Oliver Brewer is on the…

b8f31a - Gary Richardson certified by SBE - Dec 31, 1985.jpg
Box 8 Folder 31: "Ok, we are now at 31. Folder 31. It’s a letter from the Society of Broadcast Engineers to Oliver Brewer, the operations manager at WJLD when it was on Spaulding Ishkooda Road back in 1985, informing him that Gary Richardson has…
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