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b4f26a - WJLD Newshawk window decal - 1964.jpg
Box 4 Folder 26: "A window decal for someone acting as a news source for WJLD. Could very well be a student since WJLD did organize volunteer student reporters while they were in high school."

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b3f27a - sample of AP wire print out - 1956.jpg
Box 3 Folder 27: "Folder 27 is a wire service news relief. There were a couple of them. I’m not sure at first glance. Maybe more than a couple. There are six sheets. Not necessarily all from different times, we don’t know. But they are wire service…

Eddie Castleberry-Gary Richardson 1992.jpg
Eddie Castleberry (b.Jul 28, 1928, d.Jan 23, 2009), pioneer Birmingham broadcaster beginning his radio career in 1950 with WEDR Birmingham. Interviewed in the WJLD studios.
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