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b8f51a - Satellie Music Network flyer Heart and Soul format-1989.jpg
Box 8 Folder 51: "Alright, moving right along, this is 51. Folder 51 we’re into. This is a beauty. It’s a flyer for WJLD. The Satellite Music Network actually. This is what it is. We were the first station back in ’88 and ’89 to play satellite…

b4f47a - Picture postcard of the Capitols (Cool Jerk)  1966.jpg
Box 4 Folder 47: "And we are now at folder 47, just a promo, a promo postcard of the Capitols. Those were the guys who did “Cool Jerk” in 1966. Found and donated by Bob Friedman. Like other postcard photos of performing artists in the collection,…
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