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b4f25a - WSGN sales promotion flyer - 1964.jpg
Box 4 Folder 25: "Folder 25 from 1964 is a broadcast map showing the relative reaches of WSGN, WBRC, and WAPI with, when you flip it over, obviously promoting WSGN as having the broadest listenership. It’s a promo piece for WSGN and it’s just a nice…

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b1f25a - Bill Terry to Ben Franklin 12-20-1945.jpg
Box 1 Folder 25: "This is box 1 number 25, which is from 1945, which is also a coverage map of WJLD when it was 250 watts. It was printed on the back of WJLD stationary dated December 20, 1945, which was a letter to Ben Franklin who was the engineer…
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