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b2f48a - Bob Umbach, possibly at WMBM, Miami - 1953.jpg
Box 2 Folder 48: "This is folder 48. This is a promo picture of Bob Umbach which was sent to me I believe by his daughter but I’m not sure. This is when he was at WMBM, this is not at WJLD. This would have been around ‘53 and here he is pouring some…

b2f15a - Madision Nite Spot - 1950.jpg
Box 2 Folder 15: "Coming along for folder 15 is a picture, roughly 1950. This is a picture of the Madison Night Spot, very hard to find. Luckily I got it from a woman (Sherry Neilsen) who was working at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and she gave me…

b2f7a - Louis Jordan contract at Madison Night Spot - 9-24-1950.jpg
Box 2 Folder 7: "Moving right along to folder 7, which is a contract that we got also we found this, I believe, from the Birmingham World when they were open. They closed a while ago. These are actual contracts, or copies of contracts, from the…

1960-Shelley Stewart-WENN.jpg
Shelley Stewart, pioneer Birmingham disc jockey and announcer, reflects on his career in Birmingham radio beginning with WBCO and WEDR in 1952, then WENN, then WJLD, then WENN, then part owner of WATV. Retired from radio in 1999.

Ed McClure at WBCO.jpg
Edward McClure (EM) (b. Jun 23, 1923, d. Sep 17, 2009) music jock and school teacher known on the air as “Johnny Jive” beginning his career at WBCO, Bessemer in 1952, at WENN for a short time in the late 50’s and then, WJLD until 1969. A master of…

Zack Allen (b.Jan 16, 1936, d.Nov 2, 2010), radio broadcaster with WJLD, interviewed about music played during his time as a DJ in the 1950s

1963 Jesse Champion head.jpg
Jesse Champion (b. Aug 27, 1927, d.Nov 2, 2007), announcer WJLD/WERC – 1954-63/1970-90 Jesse Champion relates his history at WJLD 1400, and an incident that involved him during the Civil Rights upheaval of 1963. Jesse was well known in Birmingham,…
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