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b2f14a - WEDR staff in 1950.jpg
Box 2 Folder 14: "This is folder 14, which is a copy of a picture sent to us from Ben Alexander from Richmond, VA. He’s, it’s a beautiful picture of WEDR. It’s up in the hall in the Forniss Building 2nd floor: Frank Smart, Wiley Daniels, R.J. Pope…

b1f53a - The Forniss Building - Jan 20, 1949.jpg
Box 1 Folder 53: "Okay this is folder number 53, pictures of the Forniss Building on 4th Avenue. It is not there now. Edwards Chevrolet uses that property for body work so that’s gone. But this picture was taken in January of ’49. The reason its in…

b1f46a - Golden Gates at Birmingham Theater 4-23-1948.jpg
Box 1 Folder 46: "OK moving to box 1 number 46 are a number of clippings from the Birmingham World newspaper from 1948. They describe many activities going on in the city of Birmingham. Some commentary can be seen on national issues as well. Various…

1960-Shelley Stewart-WENN.jpg
Shelley Stewart, pioneer Birmingham disc jockey and announcer, reflects on his career in Birmingham radio beginning with WBCO and WEDR in 1952, then WENN, then WJLD, then WENN, then part owner of WATV. Retired from radio in 1999.
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