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b2f40a - the WBCO staff inside the studio - 1952.jpg
Box 2 Folder 40: "We are at folder 40. There are several copies of an original picture taken inside the WBCO studios in downtown Bessemer, which shows the staff (l-r) Garfield Grace, Honey Brown, Erskine Faush, Lora Walker, Fletcher Cobb, and Bruce…

1960-Shelley Stewart-WENN.jpg
Shelley Stewart, pioneer Birmingham disc jockey and announcer, reflects on his career in Birmingham radio beginning with WBCO and WEDR in 1952, then WENN, then WJLD, then WENN, then part owner of WATV. Retired from radio in 1999.

Ed McClure at WBCO.jpg
Edward McClure (EM) (b. Jun 23, 1923, d. Sep 17, 2009) music jock and school teacher known on the air as “Johnny Jive” beginning his career at WBCO, Bessemer in 1952, at WENN for a short time in the late 50’s and then, WJLD until 1969. A master of…
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