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Gary Richardson (b. Feb 18, 1957) Born to a coal mining family in Praco, Alabama, Gary spent some early years with childhood friends rummaging through junk yards, experimenting with discarded electrical components and such, and evolved into owning…

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Box 8 Folder 42: "We’re up to 42. Folder 42 is a letter from Linda Stubbs, dated January 26, 1986. Does not include any kind of indication as to who she is but she wrote a letter very upset with Jimmy Lawson. Although her letter does not identify…

b8f24a - letter from Mayor Arrington to WJLD management - 1985.jpg
Box 8 Folder 24: "Alright, moving right along to folder 24, it’s a letter from the city of Birmingham, the office of the mayor, Richard Arrington, without a date on it. And it’s a letter to the staff and management of WJLD from the mayor saying that…
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