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b8f4a - Gaston staffers in front of Lounge - 1980.jpg
Box 8 Folder 4: "This is folder 4 which is an 8x10 black and white out in front of Gaston’s Funeral… actually, it’s out in front of Gaston’s Lounge and Dining. This would have been a part of the Gaston Motel on 5th Avenue North. I don’t know where…

b3f16a - a WBCO contestant having her sash attached - 1954.jpg
Box 3 Folder 16: "So this is folder 16, from 1955, a series of pictures from the Johnny Jives Beauty Contest from WBCO. There’s an original here from Morrow’s photo studio, still in Fairfield. Either donated from Ed McClure or found by Bob at…
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