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b8f56a - BB King Blues Hour line-up - Dec 16, 1989.jpg
Box 8 Folder 56: "OK, Folder 56 is a sample of the B.B. King Blues Hour. This was a program that B.B. King produced or that he was the jock on but I’m sure he had help producing it at the time. In 1989, a series of shows that were delivered by long…

b8f51a - Satellie Music Network flyer Heart and Soul format-1989.jpg
Box 8 Folder 51: "Alright, moving right along, this is 51. Folder 51 we’re into. This is a beauty. It’s a flyer for WJLD. The Satellite Music Network actually. This is what it is. We were the first station back in ’88 and ’89 to play satellite…

Ed McClure at WBCO.jpg
Edward McClure (EM) (b. Jun 23, 1923, d. Sep 17, 2009) music jock and school teacher known on the air as “Johnny Jive” beginning his career at WBCO, Bessemer in 1952, at WENN for a short time in the late 50’s and then, WJLD until 1969. A master of…
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