Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore, Oral History


Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore, Oral History


Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore - (b. Nov 8, 1913, d. May 19, 2004) one of the most daring of the radio announcers of the 1950’s, Moore was a blues singer in the 1930’s and 40’s and a gospel singer, minister and radio announcer in the 50’s, in Birmingham. His accomplishments can best be appreciated by listening to both interviews in the BBRM archive. In this interview, he is joined later on by another giant of Birmingham broadcasting, Roy Wood.


Arnold Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore
Gary Richardson
Roy Wood


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


April 1, 1992


Joe Wright
Emily Bibb








Gary Richardson


Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore
Roy Wood


Transcript from audio snippet:

Gatemouth Moore: ...and there’s a part of Stardust where you’re singing that was long ago and now my inspiration, there’s a break where you search out and holler, or say something, and then the girls scream but I didn’t get to scream that day I got ready to got to that break to get ready to sing “stars” and stretched out and laid back to kill ‘em and the girl beat me saying “Oh sing it you Gatemouth sob” (laughing)

Gary Richardson: What?

Gatemouth: The drum fell off, the drum it broke up the show and I didn’t whether to cry quit or what ,and I was going to quit the show I was embarrassed, It was the most em... so the gentleman that owned the theater I’ll never forget his name, he said to me, Mr Moore Mr. Moore think about that now in the ‘30s, what do you make a week I said I make $9 dollars a week. I quit... and I got room and board what do you make nine... he said I’ll tell you what I’ll do How’d you like to have to $25. $25 dollars for what He said let me use that name that lady, not the back part of what she said, the first part and I’ll give you $25 just to let me advertise Gatemouth is in town. The next day I’m in my hotel down on Auburn street and here comes a cowbell and a mule with a hat on and a great big sign with a mouth so you know, an old wagon, Gatemouth at the 81. Gatemouth...And folks was laughing but the story about it, that night at midnight you couldn’t through the streets to see Gatemouth and I’d been there all week as Arnold Dwight Moore so from now on, Mr moore if you want to make some money be Gatemouth


Full interview: 51 minutes
Audio snippet: 2 minutes


Roy and Gate April 1,1992 at WJLD Studios.jpg
Gatemouth 92   2 min.mp3
Gatemouth Roy Wood 1992.pdf


Arnold Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore, Gary Richardson, and Roy Wood, “Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore, Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 13, 2024,

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