Bumper Stickers and Futra Mart Promotion, WJLD


Bumper Stickers and Futra Mart Promotion, WJLD


Box 8 Folder 61: "We are now up to folder 61. Number 61 from 1989 contains a couple of bumper stickers from 1989. The backs are the sponsors that paid for the bumper stickers. Also, a picture of Darleen, I can’t remember Darleen’s last name, who was our receptionist at WJLD, and also two pictures of one of our Futra Mart supermarket promotions… you had 14 seconds or 14 minutes (had to be 14 seconds..head for the meat counter) or whatever it was, to put stuff in your supermarket wagon. If you win the contest on the radio, you had to fly around this Futra Mart on Third Avenue West, which no longer exists, maybe that’s one of the reasons, but they were a supermarket right around Elyton Village, very nice people, and they participated with us in the promotion. I don’t know the name of the woman who won the promotion. There may be two, first and second prize, but pictured in here are myself in a red jacket, Budweiser Showdown jacket which I got after I ran the Showdown, Keith Reed who was the program director for the station, and WJLD owner Gary Richardson on the far left. And if you look at one of the pictures where the woman is flinging stuff into the cart, you can see my jacket behind her, I’ve got a stop watch. The early days, for me anyway."


b8f60a - two WJLD bumper stickers - 1989.jpg
b8f60b - flip sides of 61a bumper stickers - 1989.jpg
b8f60c - 2 color photos of Futra Mart remote - 1989.jpg



“Bumper Stickers and Futra Mart Promotion, WJLD,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024, https://www.thebbrm.org/item/528.

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