Showtime Magazine, Birmingham Times


Showtime Magazine, Birmingham Times


Box 8 Folder 55: "We’re now at 55. Folder 55 is a piece, is the Showtime section of the Birmingham Times from May 4, 1989 which talks about all kinds of night life and mentions WJLD. “A couple of years ago Sheryl Hunter won the Budweiser Showdown, co-hosted by radio station WJLD, and since then has recorded a 45 record as well” and so on and so on and so on and so forth. Just referring to the Budweiser Showdown. Also in the Birmingham Times, there’s an article talking about “WJLD’s Starts Doo-wop Shop” and this is something that I wrote again for them. History of the notion of Doo-wop. Also in this section of the Times is our “Heart and Soul” format listing the disc jockeys who were playing the music including Tall Paul. This was towards the end of his career. This would be the last year he would be at JLD, would have been in 1989. And so it’s a nice little piece. You can also read about WATV. Although it doesn’t say very much, they did have an ad in the paper."


b8f55a - Cover of May 4, 1989 Bham Times Show Time mag.jpg
b8f55b - Doc Soul Stirrer on WJLD Budweiser Showdown Page 1.jpg
b8f55c - P.2 of Doc Soul Stirrer's article.jpg
b8f55d - Doo-Wop Shop ad in Bham Times - May 1989.jpg
b8f55e - WJLD Line-up in Show Time - May 4, 1989.jpg
b8f55f - WATV ad in Show Time - May 4, 1989.jpg



“Showtime Magazine, Birmingham Times,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024,

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