Broadcasting Booklet


Broadcasting Booklet


Box 8 Folder 14: "This is folder 14 and what it is is a booklet, a foil covered booklet that is describing various people in broadcasting. They’re describing Tom York, who was a WBRC TV broadcaster, they’re describing Shelley Stewart, who was a radio broadcaster on WATV, and then it contains a number of ads. It’s unclear whether this is the entirety, no, excuse me, of course it’s not. Apparently it had 42 pages but this is just an 8 page piece. But I guess it’s in here because Shelley Stewart’s interview is in here. Once you’ve had multiple interviews with an individual it’s always nice to see how they recall history. Source uncertain. From 1982, calculated because York started his career in 1957 and this came out commemorating his 25th year at WBRC TV."


b8f14a - P.1 of folio on Tom York and Shelley Stewart - 1982.jpg
b8f14b - P.2 of 14a,  Tom York - 1982.jpg
b8f14c - P.3 - on Shelley's career - 1982.jpg
b8f14d - P.4 - Page 2 on Shelley Stewart - 1982.jpg
b8f14e - first ad page for f14.jpg
b8f14f - second ad page for folio f14.jpg



“Broadcasting Booklet,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2024,

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