Ron January


Ron January


Box 7 Folder 9: "We’re up to folder 9. There are two pictures in folder 9. One is a head shot of Ron January when he started at WJLD in 1976. The second is a picture of Ron at the WJLD mic. Ron had the nick name "Marathon Man" because he had a shift following Tall Paul that ran from 8 Am to 2 PM. He was asked to take over a Saturday AM talk show when another announcer, "Dapper Dan" left to return to Montgomery. Ron MC'd "Sound Off" from '76 to '78. He is a graduate of the Howard University School of Communications. He began broadcasting on campus in 1974 at WHUR. He has been a broadcaster with WATV since the early 1980's. Donated from McNair Studios."


b7f9a - Ron January headshot from WJLD - 1976.jpg
b7f9b - Ron January at the WJLD mic - 1976.jpg



“Ron January,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 24, 2024,

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