Clipping, "Black's Strike After White Exec Fired"


Clipping, "Black's Strike After White Exec Fired"


Box 7 Folder 6: "And we’re up to Folder 6 which is an article the Birmingham News, from February 13th of 1976. “Blacks strike after white exec fired.” Now shortly after A.G. Gaston purchased WENN radio, what he decided he’d do is to fire Joe Lackey who had been associated with WENN radio and WBCO for many years and who many of the jocks knew personally. And upon firing him and replacing him with Larry Hayes, the jocks at WENN staged a walk out. And it was basically led by Paul "Tall Paul" White, and Reverend Erskine Faush. And the article goes on to say that “Erskine Faush, spokesmen for the employees, said they have tried to meet with Gaston but he has so far refused to do so. Gaston said he would meet with the employees individually.” Ah yes, the old divide and conquer routine. But of course everybody has their reasons for doing what they’re doing."


b7f6a - WENN walk-out - Bhm News Feb 13, 1976.jpg



“Clipping, "Black's Strike After White Exec Fired",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024,

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