Clipping, "2 Radio Stations' Licenses Renewed"

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Clipping, "2 Radio Stations' Licenses Renewed"


Box 7 Folder 2: "Ok, here we are on folder 2. A clipping from the Birmingham Post Herald of December 16, 1975 indicating that both WENN radio and WENN FM under their new owner, the Booker T. Washington Broadcasting Company, so were awarded licenses Monday by the Federal Communication Commission. That tells us that A.G. Gaston had received permission to have licenses for WENN AM and WENN FM. WAGG, as some people had associated with WENN AM, has not been named yet; that’s why it has been called WENN AM and WENN FM. The previous owner, Hertz Broadcasting of Birmingham, again the people who received the licenses, who purchased those station properties from the McClendon family, the article goes on to say, “ran afoul of the FCC in ‘73 when differences with its chief competitor, Johnston Broadcasting Company, operations of WJLD and WJLD FM were brought to the FCC.” And again, this from the hoopla that we had been talking about earlier in the ‘70s when this Reverend Robert McKinney had brought a suit against Hertz Broadcasting for refusing to sell him advertising spots on WENN radio. However that did not get in the way of reinitiating the license and actually reassigning to Booker T. Washington Broadcasting Service."



“Clipping, "2 Radio Stations' Licenses Renewed",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed November 30, 2023,

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