Advertising Scripts, WJLD Continuity


Advertising Scripts, WJLD Continuity


Box 6 Folder 39: "Folder 39 contains nine WJLD continuity scripts for various local Birmingham area businesses and events spanning from 1971-1974. They include Shadowlawn Cemetery, Thompson-Welch Tailor, the Barkays in concert, Booker T Washington Insurance Company, a Muscular Dystrophy campaign. Twenty Grand Restaurant and Bobby Womack/Turning Point Productions."


b6f39a - WJLD Shadowlawn script - Jan 12, 1971.jpg
b6f39b - WJLD Thompson-Welch Tailor - Jan 18, 1971.jpg
b6f39c - WJLD Barkays script - Oct 14, 1971.jpg
b6f39d - WJLD BTW Insurance Co. script - Nov 9, 1971.jpg
b6f39e - WJLD Muscular Dystrophy script - Aug 22, 1972.jpg
b6f39f - WJLD Shadowlawn script - March 28, 1974.jpg
b6f39g - WJLDBTW Insurance Co - Oct 2, 1974.jpg
b6f39h - WJLD Twenty Grand Restaurant - Nov 22, 1974.jpg
b6f39i - WJLD Turning Point Prod. script - Dec 27, 1974.jpg



“Advertising Scripts, WJLD Continuity,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 13, 2024,

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