Promotional Fans


Promotional Fans


Box 6 Folder 19: "Moving along to folder 19, these are copies of two fans… didn’t we have this already? Ok, these are copies of both sides of fans that were put out by the Epp’s Jewelry folks and Taft Epstein was a big promoter of black radio, church programming in particular. And the fronts of the fan pictures the Ensley Jubilee singers on one and Rev. W.A. Clark on the other, and the back would be the promotion of Epp’s Jewelers with the schedule of when his programs were on, and he had programs on WJLD, WENN, and WBUL, which was a late ‘60s, early ‘70s kind of station. Flash in the pan, 1220, WBUL. What tells me that this was in the ‘70s is that on the back of the fan is listed the Birmingham Traveleers, and the Birmingham Traveleers was a group that started around 1972. I recall finding the Ensley Jubilee fan but not the Rev. Clark fan. The significance of the objects lies with the flip side, mentioning WBUL, a short lived Black formatted station in the market."


b6f19a - Church fan with Rev W.A. Clark - 1972.jpg
b6f19b - flip side of f19a.jpg
b6f19c - Church fan with Ensley Jubilee Singers - 1972.jpg



“Promotional Fans,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024,

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Maxie Bishop

Mrs. Willis was also on a fan. Most people didn't realize she was a maid in his 3rd Ave store

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